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Shadamy story ch.1 (Amy's valentines day surprise)

By Darksupershadow7458





   "I can't wait to give sonniku my gift!" Amy said as she made my way to sonic's house. "I can't believe we've been dating for a whole year now! I'm so happy!" But as she walked she couldn't help but wonder where sally was. Probably with that monkey kahn guy. She decided to brush the thought out of her mind. "Today is just about me and sonniku!" She exclaimed as she walked to sonic's house. As she walked up to sonics door she didn't even bother to knock cause she was already sonic's girlfreind. "Sonic! I've got something for you!" Amy walked into sonic's room thinking he would be there. "Sonniku! I've got something for........" amy says before dropping the gift, "no........ Sonniku! You're cheating on me!" Sonic was kissing sally in his room and did not expect amy to walk in. "Amy! It's not what it looks like!" He says trying to keep her from leaving. Amy smacks him and yells, "You bastard!!!" Amy runs off crying and doesn't stop till she reaches a cliff her and cream hang out at to enjoy the scenery. amy sat there and sobbed not noticing two crimson red eyes staring down at her from a nearby tree. "What's wrong rose? Why are you crying?" Shadow asks her as he jumps down out of the tree. Amy turns her head and quickly looks away. "How'd you find me shadow?" "i was up in that tree. Now answer my question ames, why are you crying?" He answers her. Amy remembered that shadow had recently become a close freind of hers. He had been so nice to her recently. She felt as though she could tell him anything. "Sonic cheated on me with sally!" She wailed throwing her arms around shadow causing him to fall to the ground. "He did?" He asked. Amy nods her head sadly. "I could beat him up for ya." He offers. Amy chuckles a little. "I'll think about it shadow." she says going back into her sadness. "I loved him so much!" She wails now crying into his chest fur. Shadow rubs the back of her head and says, "there, there amy. If he decided to be unfaithful then he doesn't deserve you." Amy sniffles and asks him sweetly, "Really?" "yeah." shadow says as he strokes her hair. Amy snuggles her face into his chest fur. "I think i know someone who does." she says staring up at shadow. Shadow looks at her and asks her, "Who?" "you." she says moving her face closer to his. Shadow moves his face closer to hers and their lips touch. They kiss pationately for a little bit and she breaks the kiss blushing brightly. "Um....... I'm sorry!" she says trying to get off of him. Shadow stops her and says, "It's ok amy. I've got a little secret i've wanted to tell you for a while now." Amy looks at him curiously. "What?" she asks with an inocent face. Shadow kisses her and says, "I Love you amy rose." amy looks at him and says, "I love you too shadow." Amy and Shadow sat there on the cliff all night in each others arms, and as soon as amy and shadow fall asleep under a tree nearby a pair of green eyes were watching them, they soon vanished leaving shadow and amy in the dark.

   The next morning amy awoke in her bed, now wondering if it was all a dream. She got up and walked into her living room to find shadow asleep on her couch. Amy smiles now knowing it wasn't a dream. "hey sleepy head how'd we get to my house?" she asks as he awoke. "It got cold so i got us here with chaos control." He answers sleepily. "hmmm...... you're so thoughtful." she says while kissing him goodmorning. shadow blushes and gets up. Shadow kisses her nose causing her to giggle.


Yay! Shadamy!
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your welcome ^-^
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